Are you feeling stressed because you worry a lot?

Do you find yourself overthinking problems all the time or being very critical with yourself about the things you have done?


Join our study and gain access to a FREE mobile phone app. The goal of this project is to see whether using the app can reduce worry and overthinking and improve emotional wellbeing in young adults.

In the study you will need to use the app for 6 weeks and complete up to 3 questionnaires at different time points.  You will also be offered the chance to enter two prize draws:  a £250 prize can be won after completing the 6 week follow up, and a £150 prize for the 12 week follow up!!*

Study Info

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1. Are you eligible?

Take a survey and answer some questions to see if you are eligible to take part in the study. 

We are currently looking for people who:    


  • Are aged between 16 and 24.

  • Are NOT currently receiving treatment for a mental health disorder (either medication or therapy).

  • Are worrying a lot, or overthinking things too much.

  • Are currently living in the UK.

  • Currently have access to a mobile smart phone (Android version 8 or later, iOS version 9 or later).

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2. Participate

People who are able to participate will be split into TWO groups. One group will get access to the MyMoodCoach app right away, the other group will get access to it after a period of 6 weeks.


To access the app you need your phone to use at least IOS 9 or Android version 8.0.

Keep using the app for at least 28 days to learn what makes you happy and sad, and to build your emotional skills & wellbeing.

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3. Follow up

After 6 weeks you will be sent a link for another survey to complete. People who were in the group that did not have access to the app will be given access after this survey is complete.

After another 6 weeks everyone will be given a chance to provide some feedback about their experience of using the app.